Brand Collateral Website Design

Tijuana's Manly

At Proud As Punch, we skillfully crafted the website for Tijuana’s Manly, encapsulating its unique blend of Peruvian and Mexican culinary traditions. 

Our design vividly portrays the restaurant’s commitment to a fusion of cultures, sustainability, and an adventurous dining experience. Reflecting Tijuana’s vibrant atmosphere, our website creation invites visitors into a world of flavorful exploration and culinary celebration. 

Proud As Punch’s digital touch brings Tijuana’s ethos of life, friendship, and gastronomy to the forefront, offering a tantalizing online preview of the physical dining journey.


We revolutionized the online user experience for Tijuana’s Manly by implementing an innovative UI/UX design for their menu view.

Our approach ensures that customers can easily and quickly navigate through the diverse range of culinary offerings, providing clear and efficient access to all menu items.

Additionally, we expertly integrated a professional booking form into the website, enhancing the convenience for guests planning their visit. This seamless integration of functionality and design not only reflects the restaurant’s commitment to customer service but also elevates the overall digital interaction, making every online visit a delightful precursor to the actual dining experience.